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Barbell Piercings

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Barbell piercings consist of straight bars with beads at one end. You cannot remove or screw off the beads, but you can fix them with welding or epoxy. They are simple to remember and are the most commonly used type of jewelry. They are also easy to clean and care for.

Curved barbells

For piercings, curved barbells are very popular. They come in many sizes and materials so that they can fit every piercing. There are many different types of curved barrelbells: flat, spiral, and c-rings.

The most common use of curved barbells is in eyebrow piercings. They can also be used in other piercings. The curved design makes it look great on the ear canal. They are available from small to large sizes. They are non-irritating, and they come in many colors.

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Curved barsbells are useful for eyebrow piercings. Also, curved barbells work well for hood penetrations.

Titanium barbells

A Titanium barbell piercing is a great choice. You won't have to worry about any complications. These barbells can be used by people with sensitive skin because they are hypoallergenic. They are also available in a range of sizes. You can choose from standard five-mm balls or choose a ring that has an additional size ball. You can choose from a variety of ball sizes and colors to best suit your needs.

There are many different shapes for barbells, but they all tend to be round. A barbell can be shaped in a variety of ways, but most are round. These styles can be very decorative, and can be worn alone or with other jewelry.

It is important to ensure that the jewelry you choose fits correctly. It's important to measure your existing piercing so that you can buy the right size. Quality jewelry is also important. Because it's non-nickel, titanium is a good option for initial piercings. It is one of the most commonly encountered contact allergens in this world. Titanium jewelry does not contain nickel.


Externally threaded barsbells

There are two types of body piercings: externally and internally threaded. Internally threaded jewellery is very easy to insert or remove. The threading between the ball and barbells is smooth. This allows the piece of jewellery to be easily and comfortably placed in the piercing. This type of piercing is suitable for newly pierced areas and for those that are prone to irritation. The Bioplast brand of piercing jewellery is biocompatible and flexible, which helps the wearer wear new jewellery without discomfort.

A key aspect of piercings is selecting the right type or body jewelry. The externally threaded variety is usually made from a lower-quality material, and the threads at the end can irritate newly pierced skin. The threaded option is the most safest for piercings. The threads are placed inside a smooth, flat barbell so there is no possibility to cause irritation.


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Barbell Piercings